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On November 3, 2015 (Tue), I received the "East Hiki Shrine Cultural Award".




A ceremony was held at Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) on November 3, 2015 (Tue) Culture Day, and received the Higashihisa Shrine culture prize.

























【What is Higashi Shinkinomi Cultural Revolution】

Higashihisa Shrine Cultural Revolution (Higashi Kunimiya Bunka Housou) is a Palace Prize awarded from the Imperial Family, and is one of Japan's three great awards along with the Medal and National Revolution. The Miya Prize also has the Takamatsuganga Prize, the Chichibu Palace Prize, the Higashi Kyubusa Award and the Sannomiya-sama Prize, with their respective objectives ...


Takamatsuganga Prize · · Awarded to those who were excellent at sports.
Chichibu Award · · · Honorable people who contributed to medical care.
Higashi Hisaki Prize · · Awarded to those who were successful in society, culture, economy, politics etc.


 It contributes to the promotion of the protection of inventions and intellectual property, and is awarded for achievement which lighted the hope light to the people of the world. Hisashi Hisashi Mr. Higashi Hisaki Mr. Mr. Higashi Hisaki Mr. Mr. Higashi Hisaki was the first Prince in the postwar era, Prince First Prince Toshihiko Tohukyu Shingonomi became Prime Minister of the Royal Family, the mother was Emperor Emperor Queen Akashi Empress 9 is.

"There is no distinction between up and down in the invention, small inventions are also precious, a small invention of each citizen is important rather than taking the Nobel prize 100. I would like to make a 100 million total inventive movements. It was established in 1960 by President Toyosu Toyosawa, who inherited the strong ideals of Hisashi Higashi Miyawaru Mr. Hon.

The aim of this award is to grant famous people and unknown people who have contributed to small inventions and social contribution as prizes, awarded dreams, hope, courage, energy, motivation, confidence, pride and winners and citizens To encourage leap to become.


 The criteria for receiving the Higashihisa Shrine Cultural Prize include the following items.

 1. Engaged in cultural activities (art, art, music, etc.) and is engaged in promotion thereof.

 2. Have undergone social evaluation in cultural activities.

 3. To engage in the promotion of international activities for international peace and cultural exchange worldwide.

 4. Personally superior, having prospects for the future and constantly devoting efforts


"The long-awaited dedication to the future and the dreams of the future that have been deeply involved in international cooperation and social contribution in various fields such as political finance government and academic societies of Takanori Sato as well as arts and cultural welfare, and the future have been rewarded with good deeds . "

"Achievement of artistic culture and international cooperation / social contribution activities" was awarded and received.

I would like to thank everyone who is cheering for the future to demonstrate the true value.

 "Thank you!"

We will continue to pursue even more in the future and strive for work creation.

I would appreciate your favor in the future.


Takanori Sato

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