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MY work made possible.

I have painted paintings for over 30 years.
With self-education independent, non-factional, no studies, to the end it was a range of hobbies in my sense.
Even if it is called a hobby, we have received many famous public exhibition contests and prizes.

However, happened on July 12, 2007, life has reversed greatly due to a certain event and it has reached the present. I went to a place called Matsushima cho, Miyagi Prefecture, famous for Japan's three scenic spots, accompanied by a branch manager who was my boss at work then at appointment.


However, the appointment has been canceled. I decided to take late lunch there.

 There is a convenience store along the national highway in the district called Takashiro where you can see the sea in Matsushima Town. So I bought a box lunch and took a nap for each other separately with lunch. 

Then, I experienced a strange experience in my dream. In the case of

It endlessly talked about my sense of duty to draw pictures and draw advice to draw pictures with a dignified resonating voice. (Although it is a part, although I was born with a mission with a promise from before, I forgot to completely forget that my life has become 50 years now and there is no time to go, so I'm talking to you to notice it now I started listening to it for a while.) I was listening for a while for a while but I woke up as "Ha!" And jumped out of the seat where the car was knocked down, and I was stunned for a while. 

Then, I heard a dignified voice again in the voice which echoed in my head instead of listening earlier this time. Take notes ,, and so on. So I quickly finished taking notes on what I was taught. It is quite a long time (30 to 40 minutes) as time. And after I finished writing my memo, after advice of "I'm not working, I immediately quit the company and concentrate on painting as promised mission, ..." My voice caught my attention and disappeared.

When I finished my day's work and finished my work on that day and went back to a different car with the branch manager I will follow the words of the Lord of the dignified voice who I do not know with anyone in the day, It is! I told you to leave the company. Suddenly while becoming a big riot? I let you leave the office and came home. 

From the next day, I started to restart as a painter who specialized in painting and devoted himself to painting work. By the way, since restart is newly reborn, the name of the painter also used "Takanori Sato" from this time. 

Since I was a different picture name before, I do not exist at the moment and no one knows about past achievements. Please understand this point.

It is a painting born from such reason · intuition. Believe, do not believe I will leave it to you. 

I will continue to struggle to produce works more and more as we wish to help peace in Japan and around the world.


I am pleased if you wait looking forward.


I will tell again.


Please acknowledge that past history and picture names disappeared at all.


Takanori Sato November 29, 2014

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