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Frequently Asked Questions


What is painting in paintings? Is not it a picture or a copy?


We draw directly with handwriting with watercolor paint, acrylic paint, oil paint. It is not a picture or a copy.
Also we do not use air brush or Photoshop etc.


Why do you ask Zekeley Prints or Silk Screen?

Scanning the original with high resolution printing technology and printing with high resolution output machine as well. It becomes precision enough to mistake an original picture. We recommend you to check the details on the Internet.


How do you draw a draft?

I draw it with intuition. Therefore we do not draft.


Is it a picture of the universe?

It is not a picture of the universe.
As long as you are staring, you probably feel like you remember it, maybe you are seeing somehow.
There are many people who remember nostalgic things, mysterious things. I am sure that you will understand that as well.
You only have a chance to see it slowly.
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