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My work 'The existence of miracle - blessing' was adopted as the cover page and back cover of Mother Teresa's biography book "Love In Action - The Story of Mother Teresa" ("Practice of Ai - Mother Teresa Biography") It was.

Last year I think I've heard of it on TV news or radio / newspaper news, but Mother Teresa is certified as a saint from the Vatican's pope! (Mother · Teresa saint certified) news reported all over the world.

 This time, there is a margin, my work "The existence of a miracle ~" on the front cover of the biography of Mother Teresa biography book "LOVE IN ACTION - The Story of Mother Teresa" ("Practice of love ~ Mother · Teresa biography") Blessing ~ "was adopted together with the face photograph · profile, it was published as a distribution book by the International Artists Association. (Japanese / English version)


Donation / distribution destination
National and public art museums in the United States, France, Germany, UK, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Singapore, Egypt, Denmark, Christian related facilities, charity facilities

July 2016 auspicious day

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